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Fixed error when importig XML files from the Interent. Query Builder loading was slow.

Navicat Premium 12.1.24 Crack

Fixed Navjcat sorting issue in Table Viewer. Query result pane size did not retain after minimizing the window. Enhanced Table Designer. Duplicated foreign key names issue in Model. Enhanced Table Designer. Unknown Internal Error occurred when performing Structure Synchronization. Jan 16 Navicat Premium macOS version Support Views. Crashed when exporting connections. Bug Fixes: Default value could not be kept longer than characters in Table Designer.

When exporting numeric data with comma as decimal seperator to access file, the numbers were displayed without the comma. Timeout reconnection - Auto-reconnection will be made to the SQL server.

Bug-fixes: Unable to search the grouped queries unless the group was selected. Syntax error occurred when synchronizing MySQL functions. OutSSIDer WiFi Scanner 1.0 Download With Serial Key Free [2020] If you MariDaB purchased our products and want to retrieve the download information of the latest version, please click here. To upgrade, please visit our Customer Center. Upgrade Procedure : click here to upgrade. Partitioning support for MySQL 5.

  • Foreign Key constraint issue in Import Wizard.
  • Partitioning support for MySQL 5.
  • Compare and synchronize databases with Data and Structure Synchronization.
  • In Oracle Code Outline, supports parameter as node for simple view.
  • Incorrect data was updated when saving ; in a non-text field.
Data Synchronization Added option to disable Foreign Key checking. Bug Fixes: Crashed when executing query in some cases. Bug-fixes: Crashed when starting Navicat. Run queries slow issue. Jul 15 Navicat Premium Windows version 9.

SSH key file reselect issue when opening connection in App Store version. Unable to change the comment of PostgreSQL functions with named parameters. Improvements: Added the "Compare owners" option in Structure Synchronization.

Syntax error occurred when editing data in table with binary primary key.:

  • Beautify SQL would cause error if extra spaces existed in aggregate function.
  • Compared table comments in Structure Synchronization.
  • Bug-fixes: Query wrongly returned null results in some cases.
  • Preferences settings reset when Navicat started.

Dec 1 Navicat Premium Windows version Crashed when searching on different pages in Table Viewer. SQLite indexes were unable to be removed in Table Designer. New features: Visual Query Builder. BigAnt Office Messenger Pro 4.1.24 Activation Key 2020 Free Download Unable to stop query when using SSL connection. Unable to copy data from Table Viewer.

Error occurred when adding fields in Oracle table. Unable to shrink the last column on the Process List tab in Server Monitor.

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