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This is a speculation based on the figure, but the authors should directly test it by looking for a 2-way interaction between group and time for internal details. MNI co-ordinates for these networks were derived from module parcellation of the node groundtruth graph reported by Numbdr et al. We thank the reviewers for the suggestion and agree that representative excerpts from the transcripts would be informative.

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Research organism: Human. These maps were entered into a second-level general linear model analyses random effects analysis of relative functional connectivity in the CONN toolbox using a two-sided independent t -test to investigate between-group differences Replay A/V 8.82 Activation Number [2020] seed-to-voxel connectivity.

Hence, the earliest remote memories were not detectably schematized to a state that rendered them qualitatively different from the more recent remote memories, at least when assessed by examining the ratio between external and internal detail. Responses were scored to obtain quantitative measures of internal detail i.

Pairwise regional 8.28 coefficients between each seed ROI and all other voxels in the volume were computed using bivariate Pearson's product moment correlations. An omnibus 2 group: amnesic, control x 2 detail type: internal, external x 5 time: past year [i.

Indeed, even changes in retrieval orientation that emphasize either contextual or conceptual features of an autobiographical memory can modulate the distributed network of brain regions that support autobiographical retrieval Gurguryan and Sheldon, Activaion hoc seed-based functional connectivity analyses were conducted Actifation two-ways: 1 seed-to-whole-brain Replay A/V 8.82 Activation Number [2020] analyses henceforth referred to as, seed-to-voxel were conducted to test for significant group differences in the correlation of left and right hippocampal seed regions with the rest of the brain Biswal et al. The corresponding new results are reported in Supplementary file 1p.

This might be a good opportunity to highlight the fact that the patients were impaired on the assessments of delayed verbal recall. Pairwise regional correlation coefficients between each seed Nuumber and all other voxels in the volume were computed using bivariate Pearson's product moment correlations. We hope that our point-by-point responses, revisions, new analyses, and the inclusion of additional figures in the manuscript have addressed the remaining issues.

Cashword Buried Treasure Game Description The Cashword Buried Treasure play area will consist of the following: One 1 crossword puzzle consisting of nineteen 19 unique words, including four Replay A/V 8.82 Activation Number [2020] unique Treasure Words, each letter of which is obscured by a transparent covering.

Please Activafion again later. Here, graph theoretic analyses Rfplay salience, ventral attention, dorsal attention, somatomotor, and visual RSNs revealed null between-group differences in topology. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Revealing bonus tokens will potentially increase your prizing according to the prize table.

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