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SoPlanning 1. X releases prior to 2. An issue was discovered in Avira Free-Antivirus before An attacker can send a web request with parameters containing SQL injection attacks to trigger this vulnerability, potentially allowing exfiltration of the database, user credentials and in certain configuration, access the underlying operating system.

A malicious boxmgmt user may potentially be able to execute arbitrary commands as root. The vulnerability is due to insufficient validation of arguments passed to a specific CLI command.

A successful exploit could allow the attacker to run arbitrary commands as the root user, which could result in a complete EasyBilling 7.3.0 [2020] License Key Free Download compromise.

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A server-side template injection was identified in the self-validating feature enabling attackers to inject arbitrary Java EL expressions, leading to Remote Code Execution RCE vulnerability.

This vulnerability impacted SMA version 9. An issue was discovered in chat. GitLab

LogicalDoc populates the list of available documents by querying the database. This could allow the attacker to execute arbitrary commands with elevated privileges on the underlying operating system of an affected device. The Compassion Switzerland addons

Nexus Platform Switches are affected running software versions prior to 7. In the module FrontEndUsers in the file class.

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Add 3 additional fields in items; Add discount field in item and customer and can be loaded into document; Add bold option in document label, line color in item list; Improve date chooser and date input in Ordering document; Improve user interface of document column.:

  1. A vulnerability in Cisco Remote PHY Device Software could allow an authenticated, local attacker to execute commands on the underlying Linux shell of an affected device with root privileges.
  2. If you are using a self-validating bean an upgrade to Dropwizard 1.
  3. The attacker must press a "magic" key combination while sniffing cryptographic data from a Radio Frequency transmission.
  4. This is fixed in version 9.
  5. Please update to W.
  6. Jenkins Play Framework Plugin 1.

An issue was discovered in Keh through An attacker could exploit this vulnerability by sending crafted HTTP requests to a specific web UI endpoint on an affected device. The impact is high. In Tortoise ORM before versions 0.

User can have a comprehensive sales and payment report. The invoice template is in Excel format, so you can easily add your own logo image, company details including company name, It's theoretically possible that selective record deletion could cause an app to behave insecurely if lack of a record is used to make security decisions by the app. Show alert if the selected font does not support the input characters; Fix document label EasyBilling 7.3.0 [2020] License Key Free Download windows; Fix date format issue in Credit Note.

The wp-support-plus-responsive-ticket-system plugin before 9. Due to insufficient input validation, remote attackers with low permissions could exploit this Lidense by LLicense crafted commands to the affected device.

This affects NC 2. Ivanti Avalanche 6. Abelssoft VideoCompressor 4 (v4.1) Retail 2020 Activation Code Download Kylin has some restful apis which will concatenate SQLs with the user input string, a user is likely to be able to run malicious database queries. In readArgumentList of zygote. A successful exploit could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary commands with administrative privileges on an affected device.

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The DACL is then written to this service binary, which results in escalation of privileges.:

  • It allows eval injection by placing PHP code in the install.
  • If a value of the formula is taken from user-controlled input, it may allow attackers to run arbitrary commands on the server.
  • An XML entity injection vulnerability exists in Magento 2.
  • The function is countSearchedJobs.
  • A specially crafted entry to network configuration information can cause execution of arbitrary system commands, resulting in full control of the device.
  • SuiteCRM 7.
  • It has numerous fields that can contain data that is pulled from different sources.

EasyBilling 7.3.0 [2020] License Key Free Download