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An Ansible role for installing the server setup script passed down by the RVA folks. Just say no to monthly fees. The game was released on the PC platform Windows, and for

Simulating CAPTCHA services

This is the repository that contains the Kafka workers to handle the generation of reports. Descrips Avg. OGPL has become an example of a new era of diplomatic collaborations that benefit the global community that promote government transparency, citizen-focused applications, and enrich humanity.

This program can be used with future Landsat 8 satellite data to determine land change in Chalatenango, El Salvador. Machine-readable schema for NASA's response to the president's digital strategy. A neat little project that uses our jenkins utils and helps you to get started and start testing your scripts.

Medical License Verification System - A standardized medical licenses code and means for verification Includes a reference implementation. Implements the circuit breaker pattern for Ruby using a Faraday middleware. It directs the user to shape their data into a compatible format and then ingests the raw recorded data, converts it to a GeoJSON using Python, and then provides documentation in Downloar for the user to upload their data Downlod Google Earth Engine in order to utilize the scripts generated that access the Earth observations data.

Terraform configuration to create and populate the A Node. It takes a lot of For more than 65 years, the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has applied science and technology to make the world a safer place. Resources, norms, and practices for doing user experience research and design work at 18F. E!Sankey 3.2 Free Download [2020] Plus LifeTime

Open and structured content models drafted by a cross-agency working group.:

  • It is used by 18F to train its internal staff, but of course anyone is welcome to use it and possibly contribute.
  • A Wordpress plugin that allows content editors to override global sidebars with page or post specific sidebars.
  • A repository that contains user submitted tools that assist in the creation of submissions to the DATA Act broker.
  • A repository for tracking issues with metadata in the National Geothermal Data System.
  • Honeybee Informatics Via Earth Observations - Summer - The software was motivated by a collaborator desire to take beehive health data that has traditionally been used aspatially and apply it in a spatial format in conjunction with NASA Earth observations in order to determine what correlations exist between the health data and local landscape, environmental, and atmospheric phenomena.

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A project to make it easier for Peace Corps Volunteers to order their medical supplies from a local Peace Corps Office. An interactive front-end for exploring the Home Mortgage ++ Act data set. Streamflow bias correction. Researching an eligibility rules service - project documentation and task management. ACE Quill is an open-source test platform mobile caption phone prototype developed to support usability testing. Regarder Film

An application and Wiki for managing an inventory of source code, compliant with the Federal Source Code Policy. A Rails app for conducting confidential surveys without violating user privacy.